Best template rack?

The Renfro
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Correct. The ring template is a cnc cut, 1/8" thick sheet of plastic. Maybe vinyl? He also throws in a few of the paper rings.

Buy it once, and it's good for a lifetime (as long as they keep making paper reinforcements). I don't apply it like he suggests, I use it to actually mark the circles on the cloth with a thin felt marker, but could see why most people wouldn't want to do that. Pics below.

Never heard of racktight before, but it looks very similar in function. I could see the racktight being more problematic for replacing worn rings though, if I'm understanding it right, since you need to buy more I assume.

Edit to add a video of it in use:
Cpl of Caveats... WPA disallows templates for 14.1 and says they cannot be glued or ironed onto the surface. So that will need to be addressed.. In my talks with Grace regarding the racktight she mentioned they were not meant for one pocket either but not everyone plays 14.1 or 1hole.... Last thought is that the reason tapping does not work on new cloth is that a few days into a tournament the cloth has stretched and the tap marks move... GB9 went to templates because they had to retap if the event was more than a weekend long... Would be interesting to see how long it would take before the spots moved to out of spec on brand new cloth....