Billard Eye Glasses


Just got back into pool after about a decade hiatus. In that time my eyesight isn't the same and realized after the first 10 minutes I wouldn't enjoy this game if I didn't find a solution.

I looked at contacts and the cost, upkeep and hassle wasnt worth it to me. I only wear glasses driving and watching tv. Which i could do without if needed. But shooting on a 8x4 i couldnt see the object ball clearly if it was more than 2-3 feet away. When I was wearing my glasses, over my cue my eyeline was looking over the top of my glasses. I couldn't shove them up into my face any more and I was still looking over them.

Did a Google search as I've seen snooker players wearing glasses during play. Found a website called Billard Glasses .com.

Sent a text and Gordon simply said call me. Which I did. He's a retired optician living in Montreal. Has been doing these for a long time and carried on as a hobby in retirement. Very easy to deal with. Sent my RX and PD. Week and a bit later, they're in my mailbox.

Work great. Exactly what they're designed to do.

What a stud I am hahaha.



Glad to hear it. I think his product would help out a great deal of players. Hopefully people see this thread and it makes a difference in their game.
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