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Just wanted to let you know about the latest news on BilliardManager, which I think you might be quite interested in 🥳

Introducing the BilliardManager Shotclock! ⏱️

Unleash the power of time on the billiard table with our revolutionary Shotclock. Designed to enhance your gameplay experience, this feature brings a new level of excitement and precision to every shot you take. Get ready to elevate your skills, thrill the audience, and add a touch of professional flair to your billiard matches.

Key Features:

1. Ultimate Time Management: The Shotclock is your timekeeper, ensuring that each player has a fair and equal opportunity to make their moves. With customizable time settings, you can adjust the shot clock duration to match your preferred pace and challenge level. Say goodbye to slow games and hello to a dynamic, fast-paced billiard experience!

2. Visual Countdown: With its minimalistic design, the Shotclock keeps you informed at every second. It changes its color when entering the warning / critical timeframe so you can make your decision while looking at the scoreboard from a distance.

3. Audio Alerts: The Shotclock's built-in audio alerts provide a clear indication of the remaining time, allowing you to react swiftly and take your shots with confidence. Experience the adrenaline rush as the final seconds tick away, and seize the opportunity to make that game-winning move.

4. Quick interactions and Easy to Use: Quick interactions make it easy to start, pause or restart the clock, as well as taking each players extension. They blend seamlessly into the scoreboard so you can still focus on your game.

Upgrade your billiard experience today with the revolutionary Shotclock. Perfect for players of all levels, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned pros, this feature-packed device will transform the way you play, adding a thrilling dimension of time pressure and strategy to every shot. Get ready to dominate the table, one second at a time!


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Thanks about this. I have not yet test it because it was originally just for IOS. Now i noticed you got it for Android too. I will test and give feedback when I get back to table. Broke my ankle yesterday so it will take some time though...


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Thanks for your hard work. I used and enjoy the app!

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Super excited to announce BilliardManager 3.0, the biggest update of your favorite billiards match management tool yet 🥳

Highlights of this version are the brand new app BilliardManager WEB, which adds support for using BilliardManager on all devices with access internet browser and the launch of BilliardManager Club - our new service supporting local pool clubs and halls digitizing their match operations.

Make sure to check out all the details of version 3.0 in the release notes below:
=> What's new in BilliardManager 3.0

...or directly try out the new web app yourself here:
=> Launch BilliardManager WEB

More information on BilliardManager Club can be found here:
=> BilliardManager Club Microsite

Thank you so much for your continuous support and we hope you continue to enjoy BilliardManager! ❤️



BilliardManager adds support for practice drills and improvements to player- and workout management​

Once again, I'd like to take the stage and share the highlights of the latest release to BilliardManager with all of you:

We all know only practice makes perfect and heard your feedback about loving to track those drills with BilliardManager, too! That's why our latest update adds a brand new "Drills" section, where you can choose from three very common practice drills or use the custom drill workout to score your own ones. We are planning to enhance this section even further in the future and can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on it. 🏆

On top of that we added some quality of life improvements to the app, like the option to tag workouts for better filtering and to add more details to your workout partners like their nationality and Fargo-Rating 📈

Make sure to check out all the details of the latest updates in the release notes:
=> Visit Release Notes Website

Thank you so much for your continuous support and we hope you continue to enjoy BilliardManager! ❤️