----Block Letter Joss---Great cue at a low price


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5/16x18 pin
Really nice old Joss Block Letter Merry Widow
Shaft is 3.6 oz and 12.65mm
Butt is 15.7 oz
Cue is in great shape for its age, shaft has a little roll but tip and joint stay on the table, nothing that you'd notice playing with it at all. Butt has some wear, but is in very good condition. Bumper looks like the original old brown bumper. Mercury dime joint protectors included.

I keep going back and forth on keeping this cue, because it plays great, and I like the old maple cues.


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18 pin? Relatively rare.

Collectible and a great player.

This shouldn't last long.

Looks like an inch and a quarter ferrule. What's the length on that cue?

Hard to part with I am sure.

Somebody curious about a block letter Joss should jump on this. Legendary cues.


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