Bludworth cues


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Were the cues which featured the red dot in the butt cap made by Leonard or his son, Donald?

Thanks in Advance, adam


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I'm sure Hungarian here on AZ would know.
He's an authority on all things involving Bludworth.
I'm positive he can help.
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I think the red dot cues were made in Leonard's shop but most were still made by Donald and his helpers as Donald ran the shop most of the time.


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I reached out to Bludworth Sr. Back in 2013... hope this helps

I was searching for information on this particular purple heart "File Cue".

It had no signature & has the Red Dot.
See attached.


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It seems pretty clear from reading posts from both horses's mouths (Leonard and Donald Bludworth), that they both used the red dot at various times over the years.

What difference does it make anyway? A Bludworth is a Bludworth. Doesn't matter if Dad or Son or both had their hands on it, which it seems is most likely the case for many of the cues. Is one worth any more than the other? If it has the red dot you just sell it as a Bludworth. It doesn't need any further qualification, IMO.