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It has been some time, but I have seen no mention of the passing of bobroberts aka Bob Stein - so I will post it here. My friend Bob passed away in April of 2012. He had been ill for quite some time, and beat the odds over and over again, until he could fight no more. Bob was a big supporter of pool - he loved everything about the game. A few years back, I was able to spend time with Bob and his beautiful family. He opened his home to me like I was part of the family. He was just a super nice guy.

Bob was a very active member of this forum - he was very outspoken with his heart always in the right place. He was very passionate about everything that he did - and I am sure he lived out every single day of his life to the max. Bob definitely deserves to be in the Azbilliards HOF. Rest in peace. You are missed by all, my friend.


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Aww Hell.

Bob was, for sure, one heck of a nice guy. Met him here on Az about 2010 and we discovered that we were both from NYC and both lived in S Florida.

Finally took a trip to see him and spend the day at his house playing pool, eating, and just having some fun together with his wife and dog. His wife was a doll. Had a great time, spoke a few times after, but never got together fault for being lazy.

I knew he was ill, wondered why he hadn't posted, but postponed making the additional contact...maybe I felt something bad had happened. I now feel terrible for my laziness.

God bless him and his family.



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I had wondered what had happened to him. Bob and I did a deal way back, and had remained online friends ever since. I knew he had been struggling with health issues, but last time we PM'd, he was doing so much better and was very optimistic about the future. This saddens me greatly...he was a true gentleman. Thanks Dave for letting us know of his passing. RIP Bob.


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I did not know Bob outside of AZ, but I always liked him.
Very sad news, sorry to hear this
RIP Bob Roberts