Bought the new plastic template to line up pool balls for practice


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I know, it’s a little hokey, i was on the fence on buying this, as its was 29 dollars. But i went ahead and ordered it anyway. The template came today, and it’s kind of cool. Just 1/4 clear plastic, machined really nice. Has 9 slots to set the object balls. After setting the 9 balls, you just move the template away from the balls, and you have a perfect straight line of object balls for your drill.

I’m kind of getting into using this template, as I’m setting just different angles of the 9 balls. Different spots on the table, draw, follow, ect.

The kicker of the whole thing is 50 years ago at my local BOYS CLUB, we had a great wood shop, and me and my brother and all of the kids would make things out of the same 1//4 inch plastic sheeting. We made bitchin tear drops, with two layers glued together with different colors of paint. We made hearts, all kind of small designs that we painted and buffed. Probally would have cost me 1 dollar 50 years ago.



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I‘m wondering if it’s a disadvantage for the balls to not be in a perfect line every time.

I guess there are always pros and cons.


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I’m not understanding what this tool does. Wouldn’t any straight edge accomplish the same thing? Couldn’t you get the same result with a 2x4, broom handle, yard stick or a cue?

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Bob Jewett

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For those who would like something similar, get some "donuts" (round reinforcement stickers for notebook paper) and a 2-foot length of thin, stiff plastic sheeting. Put the donuts on the sheet. Maybe put two at each location. Alternatively, use a hole punch on the plastic. Or, get some thick paper and punch it.

It doesn't look like a quarter-inch thick. That would be too thick for this application.

Yes, it is trivial to set up a line of balls, but some people like to be more organized.


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Probably - in fact <should> have flexible spacing. As you progress into line drills, ball in hand on each shot is no longer allowed. Even if you are using the template for position drills, the control requirements change over all axes of distance.


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Interesting idea. Sets a row of balls for consistent practice shots. You'll find which angle(s) gives you issues, even pro's have them.

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Jack Fate

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There was an instructor at a pool hall that had a dozen or so templates for different drills. I believe he used the templates for positioning the notebook reinforcements that covered the table. His were made of stencil stock/ poster board


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Proof that people will buy anything. Just look at golf. Gotta be a million goofy gadgets made for golf suckers. Why should pool be any different? Do we really need a tool to put pool balls in a row? Whatever floats ur boat i guess.


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There's an open minded dude somewhere in the states that works in a shop that generates a ton of scrap lexan.


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Just another idea that's out there. I've been using this set up for about 2 years now. Once I set up the balls for the break I completely forget the page savers are there. I've had over a dozen friends play on my table at different times and they all realize the same thing. Cut shots, drawing, playing safeties, their effect is almost completely unnoticeable. The page savers initially are thinner than any template that's out there. After a while they get even thinner from balls rolling and sliding over them. I use the transparent page savers which are thinner than the white page savers. I have a custom, hand made rack that I haven't touched in 2 years.


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where did you get those? what's the product called?

do these mark the cloth when you remove them? they really work well?


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There is another training tool that I thought was interesting, it was way to get balls down the table with one hand without moving form the shooting spot. Was a lever to release the balls, and a basic angled ball holder that would roll a ball down the table when the lever was moved with the cue.