Break Balls


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I remember a long time ago pool halls had break balls that were heavier than the balls used in regular play. Just wondering when and why they were phased out.


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Break balls were used to protect the players regular cue ball. Ivory and certain composition balls were easily damaged on certain hard hit shots. I don’t believe the break ball was intentionally made to be heavier.

Man made products evolved and became more durable, there was no need for the break ball.
I’m guessing the break ball was used into the 1940s.


My father, who was born in 1906, talked about using a "bust ball" (aka "break ball") when playing in our small town pool hall back in the 1920s and 1930s. After the break they would switch to the ivory cue ball, which he said was very lively and good for draw shots, etc.


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Technologically as a historian the breakball would be used because it chipped and was damaged more easily during the break.

Hence breakball, the ball meant to be broken. Engineering has improved significantly