Break Practice Devices


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I'm familiar with the BreakRak but I'm wondering if there are any alternatives out there or in development.

I saw on the web site something called "Breaksmith" under the coming soon heading.

I've tried using their contact us form but can't seem to get any info.

Thanks for any info.


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what problems are you having with your break. or are you just trying to get the motion down pat. I used to have with this myself but then I quit using my index finger as a guide and got a heavier smoother break.


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Use 3-ball racks for break shot practice

If you are attempting to master CB control on the break shot, here is a trick I use for my students.

Set up three balls on the foot spot with a small gap between the head and back balls.

Easy to setup and you can keep spare balls along the long rail for the next setup. You can get 2 to 3 shots per minute.

Get a youngster to do the setups for you to double or triple the shots per minute rate.


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Why not just buy Charlie Bond's breakrak? It is a wonderful device with a satisfaction guarantee, and I can confirm you will be happy. One thing to know and understand is the breakrak is meant for cueball control - it will not give you feedback on pocketing balls. It is truly a great product.