Breaking Down Your Putter


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So I'm watching the finals of the PGA match play with DJ leading John Rahm for just about all of the match, but Rahm starts a back nine rally to go from five down to one heading to the 18th. DJ needs to par the hole to win the match and is looking down at an easy 2'. And then it happens...why I loath all the sharking pool room venom I've witnessed in my long tenure as a pool player.

It's the first time I've picked up on a clear sharking move on the PGA. The Spaniard moves off the green as DJ starts his PSR but moves directly across from and into DJ's line of sight. And then the move...he removes his hat and holds it in his hand. The announcers picked up on it too, but courteously commented in a neutral fashion. DJ saw it, but went about his business. No doubt he will file that one away for future reference with this guy.

Were I a PGA official, I would have called the match at that point as a concession and not made DJ putt. I would clearly equate that cheap move to breaking down your cue as your opponent prepares to shoot the final ball.


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There is indeed sharking in golf, but it is much more subtle than in pool play.
On the green you'll see an opponent move to a right angle from the guy putting so that the putter won't see him and be distracted. He might, however, sometimes see his opponents shadow come into view.
One I always liked was the exploding tee shot. Another was to have a girl in a very small bikini walk up to your opponent, as he was teeing off, and ask, "Is it long?".
And he says, "Is what long?"
And she says, "Your Driver."
And he says, "Forty-six inches."
And she says, "My. You are a big fellow, aren't you?" :eek: