Butterfly butt...Brunswick???


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Posted this in the Gallery as well.

I recently got this butterfly in (was cut when I received it to almost 29"). Tried to look up any info on this type of cue, looks to be fairly old. Possibly a Brunswick number 10? (from the 1914/1928 catalog) stamped 20 on the forearm. Looks to be a real dark rosewood? (not ebony)

Probably will convert it myself, like to do something period or old old school on it.

I appreciate any info or comments, Thanks



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probably an old brunswick butterfly house cue. not much value as it doesnt have the colors. if going to spend money on it wait for one with the colors. i have one converted that is ebony and its really nice hitting.


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Different weight stamp than they ever used. This is from one of the other 50 companies that made cues before Brunswick crushed them out of existence