Buy/sell question


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i agree

if they have any type of perfect i trader and no questions asked return policy . for sure you dont want to do business with someone like poolhustler
or me.
as of a black list if in dought run a thread ask if the person honest.
But it is impossible to make everyone happy all the time.
Allot of times its shipping causes unforseen problem.


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As an ebay seller myself I fully understand the problems shipping could cause. The feedback system here seems as if it is easy to make up false transactions between 2 parties to make ones itrader look strong thats why I was asking if there wers any known scammers.


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There was one known scammer that got a lot of people on here, I forgot his name, I'm sure others's will remember. He had tons of alias's and has been scamming people for years, way before AZ. He deals in cues, including high end cues. He's off AZ, but still out there somewhere...