Calligraphy on cue


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I am wanting to personalize my cue... I saw some pics of some old cues by Rambow with calligraphy writing on the forearm. I think it looks awesome. How is the easiest way to do calligraphy on a cue?


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I would say either make a water transfer or rough up the finish with a fine grit sand paper and "draw" on with a fine tip brush and some paint.

A good source of how to's is to look into guitar building, finishing and painting. It's similar from guitar finishing to pool cue finishing.


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If you want really great work you can hire a freelance calligrapher. They usually do things like wedding invitations and stuff, but they can do this.

Just use google.

You would need a refinish if you really want it done right. Talk to your cue maker and a freelance calligrapher.

But...The easiest way is with a Sharpy. :wink:


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I have the old style ink cartridge calligraphy pens but I believe you can buy the Sharpie style pens with different size and shape nibs on the end for doing calligraphy.

Quite easy to do simple calligraphy. Lots of instructions on the web.

All you have to do is get some pens and a note pad and start doodling.

When you find the style you like, go to town.


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Thanks all...
I took art thru high school and did some calligraphy. However that was some 19+ years ago. I am just not sure I can do it on a rounded surface.

This would be for a Hoppe Pro conversion i am planning on having built. I am thinking a water transfer or dry rub transfer may work better. Especially if I can print it on wet slide paper, like the ones modelers use to make custom decals. The letter spacing and uniformity would be perfect. I could then pass it on to the cue maker to have it applied prior to finishing.

Thanks again all, you got my mind working:thumbup: