carbon fiber cue mishap


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I just did two of the McDermott CF shafts and used painters tape and guess I'm lucky I did not have an issue. When I google PTFE tape I see everything from pipe thread on. Could someone point me to the right tape and or part number?

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Do a search on Amazon for teflon tape... 4 rolls for 5.99, 8 for 6.99, 1/2"X520". It's also called plumbers tape, thread tape, etc.... Can easily be found anywhere they sell any kind of plumbing supplies. Usually comes on a blue dispenser roll with a white pop off cover/sleeve.

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I think the McD ones might be painted. Interesting, when dropped on their tip on to a pool table along their axis, from maybe a foot or so, they kind of thunk and don't bounce.
I can tell you for a fact that McDermott CF shafts are coated with a very thin black coating over the grey CF itself.
That is what comes off and the exposed CF under it is very noticeable.
I can only imagine what these shafts will look like with a few years of normal wear on them.
McDermott says not to even use talkum powder on them.
If polish or masking tape can strip the finish off then constant use will also.
Now that I am aware of all this I can feel a bit more confident about installing new tips on McDermott CF shafts.