Career high run


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Congrats on the career hi, keep shooting. 57 is a lot of balls. A run like that can easily demoralize most opponents in a 100pt game.


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Congrats Jim. 57 is saying something. I guess all those trips to Chicago are paying off. Keep up the good work.


Hearing the balls.....
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Congrats Jim :)
Keep up with the good work! Now it counts-to stay with practicing and enjoy the game even more.

Cu soon with a 70+, i m sure :)


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Excellent. :thumbup:

I knew you were going to keep going. Too many in the 30s and 40s lately and you do shoot pretty straight.

We may have to raise your handicap next time you are up our way. :rolleyes:


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Thanks everyone. It's been almost 2 1/2 years since I ran 50 (in a league match). I was beginning to think I would never reach the 50s again.

It's unfortunate that I didn't have a hanger to get started after that last break shot since I opened the rack up pretty well and would have had shots.