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It's not what is on your face, but what is in your head that will win you the games. If of course what you ask is what you really want.


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3andstop said:
First, trying to "not think" is the exact opposite of what any pool book or expert that addresses the mental side of the game tells you to do. You can?t not think, and if you try to not think, you are going to blow a mental fuse.

Any time I've played really well, I was not thinking about what to do on each shot. It was like being on auto pilot. You've never experienced this? I think most players have. What books have you read that tell you this? Maybe it's just not thinking while in the shooting position, but I don't see how this would "blow a mental fuse". In any sport where a player has been "in the zone", so to speak, they've commented about not thinking, just doing.

The Woim

"There is no advice for this problem."


I know everyone means well when they give you tips. I would say work on your preshot routine until the shots are automatic. But just because The Woim finds success with that technique doesn't mean you will.

You're a choke artist. That's what you are. No advice can solve the problem because the born loser is always looking for an out.

Maybe you could get really drunk. I've been drunk in $1000 a rack 9 ball matches before but we're talking you and not me.

You remember Bert Gordon from "The Hustler" right?

Kirsje, no offense intended on any of my advice but it could be that you suck as a pool player. Perhaps you just think you're making those shots. Maybe your opponent is leaving you really easy but you just don't have the shotmaking skills.

Being nervous is just a cover up for sucking at the game of pool. ;)

Don't look too hard for an excuse for losing, they seem to be coming to you naturally. ;)

If you're playing The Woim in a $1000 a rack 9 ball match, be nervous, very nervous - unless of course it's someone else's money...


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Hate to repeat myself, but this came from The Pleasure of Small Motions..."Think while you're standing, but don't think while you're down on a shot...any shot....right brain-left brain stuff."....Of course you have to think, but you have to separate that from executing muscle memory, which is what you are doing while shooting. That's why you think while you're standing up. :p