Clary goes undefeated to hot seat, splits top prizes with Junior Gabriel on Q City 9-Ball Tour


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As far as we know, prior to this weekend (Sept. 23-24), Chris Clary had only cashed in one event, anywhere. He showed up on the AZBilliards player-profile database when he finished 9th at last December’s Q City 9-Ball Tour’s Bar Box Championships at the Rock House in Gastonia, NC. The scene shifted to Inman, SC’s Action Billiards for this past weekend’s $500-added event, where 48 entrants joined Clary to compete. Clary would go undefeated to the hot seat, at which point, with the loss-side backed up a bit and considering the amount of time he’d be waiting for several matches to complete before engaging in the finals, he decided to split the top two prizes with whomever advanced out of the loss-side field to play against him in the finals. Clary left, having secured his second (known) cash payout and his first ‘official’ event title.

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We thought he was hard to live with before , just think what it will be like now that he's a champion! Well done Clary!