Credit to Bob Jewett for this win


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Thanks Bob!

Yesterday at the senior center....getting my butt kicked again playing 8ball...this came up..opponent is on the 8.

My shot with no place to hide. :eek::eek:

Made 11 in side, 10 came out for bottom left corner, 8 in side.

11 rolled thru the 10 into the pocket with almost full hit on 11. Hit with much draw, medium soft stroke, basically all spin, little momentum, a soft slider that hasn't 'turned over' yet.

Opponent looked at shot beforehand, saw the tangent line. After pocketing, he said, 'that ball can't go'.

I said, 'you're right'.:p:p

Thanks Bob.:thumbup::thumbup:

ps: later, in league play, where it means something I lost twice, giving the 7, then 8 as a result of the STRATEGIC BLAST.

Wachagonna do? Nobody died.:wink:

...once the winshield , then twice the bug..:sorry:


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its great when the knowledge you learn you can out into play and
IT WORKS....:smile:
i have learned from bob manythings that has helped my game
thanks bob