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These are cue butt extensions both made in China and shipped directly from China.

1. The first one is a carbon fiber cue butt extension from AliExpress about 25 bucks including shipping from China. It took 40 days to arrive, but since I can't afford a name brand extension, it was worth the wait. It came with a screw in bumper that fits my Predator Roadline cue. I guess it will fit any Predator cue that accepts Uni-Loc weight cartridges.The weight without the bumper is a surprisingly light 67.6 grams. It is 8 inches long and 1 3/16 inches wide. The screw in bumper threads are 15mm wide.

2. The second one is an aluminum cue butt extension from EBay and was 15 and change including shipping from China which took about 3 weeks. It came with a screw in bumper to fit Mezz cues. My cue is a CP-13SW series. The width of the threads of the screw in bumper are 13mm wide. I have to admit it takes a while to screw in the extension. The Predator extension takes a lot fewer turns. The weight is 93.4 grams without the bumper. It is 7 3/4 inches long and 1 3/16 inches wide.

I like the carbon fiber one better because it is lighter and takes less turns to screw on. When I received the first one (aluminum) in the mail I did not know they shipped it with the bumper screwed on, which caused me to think they had shipped the wrong size.


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The Predator extension, and it's copies, are the fastest attaching and most convenient of all the extensions I have seen and tried.