Curly CoCo and Black Ash Burl

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Available soon....8 points of Black Ash Burl into Curly CoCo. All white is Ivory with silver dots. Still have to cut the shafts and finish joint protectors....Thanks for looking....!!!!!
QB Custom Cues

CURLY COCO 3 005.jpg

CURLY COCO 3 002.jpg

CURLY COCO 3 001.jpg

curly coco 2 002.jpg

Curly CoCo Overlap Windows 1 002.jpg


The Brink of Apocalypse
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Outstanding work!!!!

That is a real beauty!!! Great work! Black Ash Burl is becoming one of my favorite woods.


O8 Specialist
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Great looking cue! In the last couple of years I have become a fan of black ash burl and I like how it blends in with a bit of coco!


< Searing Twins
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The whole cue is beautiful, but I especially like the smaller rectangles on top of the larger rectangles. It's a great design and I haven't seen a cue like that in quite a while.


What time is it?
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How do you get those stickers to all line up so perfect and not get any air bubbles underneath?