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  • i agree G-tee is better tournments than pool X10, lots of things are better than pool for that matter. The way they have pool set up here in Germany is cool, i will tell you next time we talk.

    best regards,

    your buddy(about to ditch Vegas)


    so call me like thurday and i'll tell you what I know, I dont know enough yet to say anything meaningful, its gonna be jucie if I do find anything out. LOL

    i;m real sorry I couldnt got to "9" with you that night, everytime the BCA is intown my back goes to $hit or I get buried with work and cant go, and its in my back yard, I dont have to travel to go to a great event. this year I was there one day laying on the floor of Matchrooms media room for 90 mins, and one other time to drop off some cues for Omega Billiards to sell that took 5 minutes and pick 3 rd time to drop off a cue I sold-that took 3 minutes. My back was so bad and I was so busy It wasnt possible to join you. the pain kills the appitate and its just no fun to go out like that.

    I'd like to come to Olatha again or maybe make a trip to your town for a couple days.

    thanks for kind words in erics pool room thread you made tonight, i tried to REP ya but no chance sorry.

    i might have some interesting news for you after wed or thusday-call m
    I have NEVER heard of Billy dumping anyone! He has a reputation as an honorable gambler. He puts up his money, he plays and then he tries to win. I've bet on him at least a dozen times. Never lost either!
    Thanks for the rep and I hope you enjoy playing with that new cue of yours.
    Good morning, sorry if my post was confusing, I was trying to be humerous and give you props at the same time. I think what your doing is great and hopfully it'll bring some more awarness to TAR, I know that is your intention. Cheers and let's go Donnie :)
    No problem - it just amazes me how some people just don't get it - or just go off topic. Thanks for your support. mark
    I'm back in MO working out of Wright City and would appreciate any heads up on action to sweat over the weekends. I also get an abnormal satisfaction from great food and will eat anything, so if you're a fan of eating out the best restaraunts to hit between here and St. Louis would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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