Current Schon Cue Master Craftsman?


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So I know Evan Clarke left back in 2015 and Bob Runde was considered the original master craftsman there? So who exactly is in charge of the shop currently? I've been noticing that the design direction of Schon has changed a bit and I am curious if anyone has noticed any playing characteristics that have changed as well. It's been maybe about 2 years from the change over and I'm guessing alot more people have experience with the new ones.

I know the Runde era Schon's are quite heavily favored here and the the Clarke era was accepted. So is there going to be another era of whoever is in charge or is Schon now heading more into that group production form? It's odd cause normally the head makers name is fairly known coming out of schon, right? Or is it that I just don't know much about how Schon works? Totally possible and just want to make an informed decision about a custom order.



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John Fuhrman is running Schon these days and it’s in good hands!

He was around when Evan was there and has been running things since Evan left. Great guy, I’ve been to the shop a few times now and my buddy has purchased 4 cues from John. He’s introducing new designs and working on building the business. It’s still a very small operation, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more then 4 or 5 guys working there, and I know they have plenty of orders coming in but can only build so many cues at a time. I love visiting and checking out the rack of almost completed cues.

For as big a name and reputation as Schon has they’re very much still a small operation handcrafting cues in Milwaukee, WI like they have since the beginning.

Oh, and if you ever stop by, the taco truck out front is highly recommended for lunch.


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John Fuhrman is the Cue Master at Schon Custom Cues. He has been there for 18 years making cues. He will bring Schon cues to the next level.


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Runde and Clark schons were pretty much the same
except the runde era started with mitred or sharp points

no one can tell the difference in quality and play or at least bob runde doesn't think so

i don't know about the new era
john has been there for years and he is the top man as far as i know

Bob 14:1

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Hopefully Justin will let us know. It's about time he actually contributed something, anything, to this forum other than ill thought out question, after question, after question, after attention seeking question.


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I’ve got a few of John’s cues as well over another dozen of Evan and Bobs Schons. The new ones are every bit on par with the previous gents. I agree that I can’t tell the difference between any of the 3 makers cues in terms of feel and playability.
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