Custom short spliced Pierce‏


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I'm very happy with this Pierce I got Tuesday! Cue has a solid hit with
great feedback. I also like the sound this cue makes after hitting the
cue ball. A keeper for sure!:thumbup:


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A keeper for sure buddy. Pierce is making a hell of cue and this one should be no exception. Very sharp looking cue here pal.

Enjoy! :thumbup:

Thanks for sharing.



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For those of you who DON'T KNOW JIM PIERCE, Jim has been making cues since 1999, however, has really just come out to the world in the past couple years, literally! He has cues all over Asia and Europe, and of course, the USA.

Jim has pool in his blood. Jim's uncle sits in the Billiards Hall of Fame. He knows what a pool cue should feel like, how it should hit. He is a "player who makes players for players". He finished in the top 30 of the 2011 BCA NATIONAL FINALS. This young man can play pool!
Ask Jim about his famous "BOWLING ALLEY" shafts!! Nothing else like them!

The OP here got himself one hell of a cue, from one hell of a cuemaker.

Here are some on mine!!


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