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  • Thank you, pfduser. He is a handful, I tell you, but I love him very much.:smiling-heart:
    Yea man I was wondering what the Blue Monkey had. Do you know if they stay crowded and is there room in there to shoot? It looks small from the outside, but I haven't been in there yet. Yea I have time about any day to hit that place up for a few games no problem. Just holler at me when Bama is not playing or when Winterboro doesn't have a game (they play at home again this week)
    Hey man long time no hear, how you doing? I still hope to be able to get together and shoot sometime! They opened a new bar in Sylacauga but I haven't heard if they have tables or not. It's called the Blue Monkey or something like that. Holler back at me!
    thank you
    speedy sold me my first coker and i still shoot it as my player gaboon ebony 6 hi lo now i sell cokers
    speedy has a used hollywood coker coming in i think 6 pt
    be more than happy giveyou the best deal that i can mike
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