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DD Custom Cues

Cues by Drew
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Dishaw 6 point
Ebony points w/natual,gray and black veneers
Black w/white spec linen wrap
Ebony Buttsleeve and Birdseye forearm
Fancy rings at all 5 positions
Arrowhead inlays an the tips of the short points
Radial pin
Only one shaft at 12.5mm
Butt 15.6oz
Shaft 3.9 oz
Total 19.5 oz

McDermott M29B
Butt 15.8 oz
shaft 1 12.9mm 4.7oz
shaft 2 12.1mm 4.1oz
Price $750 New Price 700

Both cues roll straight together and apart


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DD Custom Cues

Cues by Drew
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Here are some bigger pics


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Nice cues.
Dishaw,did he do "DanBuilt" cues?

Dan Dishaw started his cues as "DanBuilt" so they would not be confused with the "Dishaw" line of travel cases that he built for musical instrument transport, etc. He later changed the name on the cues to "Dishaw", too.

He is a master woodworker...he builds some fantastic guitars...he usually brings some of them to SBE each year, and they are really high end customs.

He specializes in finishes for high end musical instruments, like pianos, cellos, guitars, etc. His finishes on his cues are great. His cues are extremely well built and they really play nicely, too.

That is a great deal on your Dishaw cue.



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Thanks for the Danbuilt info.A friend has a DanBuilt,it is a very nice cue.
Good luck with your sale! Prices on both cues are most reasonable. I have
not seen that McD priced at under 1100 before!