Doug Patrick Fully Cored and Threaded


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I bought my first Doug Patrick cue last week (pictures here). The cue is 59", with a 29" butt and 30" shaft.

The wood, fit, and finish on the cue are flawless. Beautiful figure and color in the cocobolo. Fine attention to detail in construction is apparent throughout, from the alignment of all the ringwork to the proper cut down of the tip. Absolutely no blemishes or rough bits anywhere, and everything is dead straight.

This is one of Doug's new fully cored and threaded cues. My first thought after hitting with it was that it feels like a one-piece cue. Using a laminated maple dowel for the full-length core softens the feel somewhat (I normally favor very stiff cues), but does not affect the hard hit. This is a very solid and great-playing cue, and I recommend it highly.

I couldn't be more pleased with this cue. It's a pleasure to shoot with. Thanks to Doug for his excellent workmanship, fair price, quick delivery, and friendly conversation. I hope he continues building the fully-cored cues, as I have no doubt that I will be returning for at least one more.