Earthquake in Japan


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I know this is not pool related but a 8.8-magnitude quake hit Northern Honshu Japan 2 hours earlier. I know some Az'er here are from there so hope everything is fine...


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Yeah, there's already about three threads about this in NPR. ;)


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This is awful news. I have several good friends and a work associate in Japan right now.

Wishing all of our AzBilliards members in Japan to be safe and secure.

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It took my wife a while to reach her parents this morning. She finally got them on the computer. Cell phones aren't working anywhere. They're in Tokyo and they're fine although they said it was pretty scarey. She talked to her sister too. Nobody can reach her brother, but I'm sure he's ok. He's in Kamakura and they have no power there right now.


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Yes, this is a big deal. There were two earthquakes in a row like this: link

The Sendai airport is wiped out. We are having after shocks every minute at this point. They can be big enough to feel in Tokyo every 20 minutes. This is said to be the biggest quake in 140 years in Japan. Tsunami video is something to watch.

I forgot to mention. Cell networks are overloaded, but data, texts, email, skype seem to get through. Good luck finding loved ones. Try email.

I normally work north of Tokyo about 150 km. I have heard that the interior was basically shaken out of our offices today and that the buildings will probably need inspection before clean up can begin. It was upper 6's in that area if I remember the chart right.

In Tokyo, it is not as bad. There were a few building roof fires. A few of the crap holes I used to frequent are probably rubble piles. Oh well, as long as no one was hurt. Some Natural gas storage place caught fire in Chiba.

The trains are all stopped in Tokyo. I'm stuck in Sayama as we speak. It is surreal. . .kind of a night of the living dead. McDonalds is open and Family Mart had Jim Beam in stock, so I'm good for now.

PM me if you wanna chat.

If anyone has info on the nuke plant, post it. It is on the north eastern coast and has been earthquake damaged before.

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Help, please

Myself and my group were enroute to Narita Airport in Tokyo for our Korea Trip, and were 2/3 of the way there from Chicago O'Hare and had to turn back to Anchorage.

Fortunately for us, our preceding flights were delayed for a combined delay of 4 hours. Had we been on time, we might not have been alive. It was a 13 hour flight from O'Hare to Anchorage, but at least we are safe, and still breathing.

Right now, we are trying to get out of here straight to Korea. We were supposed to leave for Narita tomorrow morning at 8am. it is 3:08am Alaska time. If anyone has any skills on how to get outta here let me know. We are on United Airlines going to Seoul, and are stuck in Anchorage for the time being.


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I am in tokyo office and my train line is still not operating. The convenience stores around my office no longer have food supplies. Only junks and snacks left. Had to walk further away to get food.
Guess tonight I will have to stay in the office overnight unless the train system recovers....

so far there are 30+ casualties reported I hope the number is not going to go up any further.