Ebony. . .shaft?


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Poolfool, thanks a lot for the links and info.

Once I'm ready to buy I will definitely shoot you a PM, as well as one or 2 other people that have been suggested to me both here and on PM to decide what exactly I want to do.

It will definitely be after the holidays before I can get anything started though, that's why I posted the question here on the main forum and not over in the Wanted/FS section as I'm just not prepared to buy anything yet.

I do want to make it happen at some point though, and will be sure to let you know when that time comes.

Thanks to all who helped out, and feel free to let me know if anyone has other suggestions. Aesthetical value is why I wanted the black shaft, but breaking with a BK2 currently I want to make sure I'm not losing out on the quality aspect. I have read a lot of great things about the PH shafts, and am hoping to try one in the future, just another difficulty of living in Hawaii.

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Not to the point of your original question, but I have a predominately black butt with a padouk (fiery ORANGE-RED) shaft custom-built by cuemaker Bill Mitchell.

I like this shaft a lot, but it looks very unconventional. I don't care.

This got me thinking-

I did a lot of 'sunburst' finishes on guitars.

With a Padouk shaft it could be left red at the ferrule end (for 10-12 inches) and then fade (ala sun burst) into black for the remainder of the shaft.

This would look particularly cool in a wrap-less with a similar Padouk butt bursted out from the black wrap area...

Thinking out loud...


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No problem. When the cue is finished I'll snap some pics and send them to this thread. I think it's going to look pretty damn radical when it's done. BTW....it's actually a jump/break and not a dedicated break cue but we can easily do either one.
Good luck whatever you do!


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Just finished and ready to go to work

Is this possible? Specifically for a break cue. I know they make Purple Heartwood shafts that are heavier and on the stiff side specifically for breaking, and J/B if I remember correctly.

I really want an ALL black break cue. I have a BK2 currently, and really want a custom break cue put together, and didn't know if it would be possible to have an ebony shaft to match it. As I know my next cue will be an ebony/ebony cue, I just think it would be really Unique to have a break cue like that.

If I have read correctly(I'm still learning), Ebony tends to be a heavier wood than some others, so I'm just wondering if an ebony shaft is going to add too much weight to a cue and make it not playable(even for breaking). I'm sure a full ebony butt would be possible for a break cue, even if it had to be cored, just curious about the possibility of the matching shaft.

Or is my best bet to actually have a maple shaft stained black?