engineman76 strikes again!!!!!


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I posted some cues for sale and he replied to me …….and I responded to him politely

Here is what was said

Re: Schon with dice - 11-25-2019, 09:37 PM

Originally Posted by engineman76
Any trades brother. I got a loaded Robert Harris cue with two shafts in mint condition

Originally Posted by nsafellow
Look I have dealt with you before and have no interest in doing so again so please do not contact me again

Originally Posted by engineman76
Whatever you stupid mother ****er. I would love to slap the **** out of little queers like yourself. Stick that cue up your ass queer.

Wow how do you respond to something like that and why is he still on this site when he pulls stuff like this

click this link to see why I will not deal with him again


Thanks for looking

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He was after me for a while for a trade too. Can’t go two sentences without calling you bro or brother.

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I’ve gotten lots of messages from him about trades, all turned down because it’s hard to trade cues that aren’t yours...on my end. It eats up to many fees when you’re selling cues for other people. I could be the minority but I’ve never had any issues when I said no thanks...


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I too just had a horrible experience with the guy who goes by "William Crosby." He actually goes by Billy Mike, and I do think Crosby is his actual last name.

He is a scammer and completely hot headed, very disrespectful, even brought my wife and kids into it. Apparently he's some Military guy who has anger issues and his wife left him for it. All this came out in our discussions. He tried to get a cue intercepted in the post office to scam me. Just avoid him AT ALL COSTS.

Same exact address and name:

William Crosby

7305 west kenmore dr
Apt 6
Norfolk va 23505


This is a pic he sent me of his cue, notice the tattoo on his foot:


This is his profile on Facebook with the same tattoo styles on his legs:


That's him. AVOID engineman76