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After Seeing All The Bad Deals Go Down Here In Az Land, I'd Like To Make My Escrow Services More Publicly Known.

It's Much Easier To Use Escrow Up Front, Than It Is To Try And Get Your Money / Cue Back After You Get Scammed. I'm Also Hoping That This Will Cut Down On The I "Got Ripped Off" Threads, Here In The Wanted / For Sale Section.

Here Is What I Offer For $30.00 (cost is per item, so if it's a 1 for 1 cue trade, (2 items) cost would be $60) ( Plus The Cost Of Shipping The Cue To The Buyer (including materials and full insurance), And The Cost Of Mailing The Payment To The Seller)

1) Seller Ships Me The Cue/case. The Buyer Sends Me Payment (made Out To The Seller, Not To Me) If Using Paypal, The Buyer Sends Payment Directly To The Seller After They Are Satisfied With My Pics And Description.

2) Once I Have The Item, I'll Take Good Pictures And Verify The Condition And Specs For The Buyer.

3) Once The Buyer Approves The Purchase, I Send Payment To The Seller (buyer Sends Paypal To Seller) Once Payment Clears, I Ship The Item To The Buyer.

Yes, It Will Cost You A Few Extra Dollars, And It May Add A Few Days To A Transaction, But Isn't That Better Than Being Ripped Off????????

If You Have Questions, Drop Me A Pm


Hopefully This Will Help Smooth Out This Section, And Bring Some Of The Civility Back To The Wanted / For Sale Section
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Here's how this is going to work guys.

Markus offers a service. You contact Markus and the transaction is done in private between the 3 parties.

You may use iTrader and the feedback thread as well as the thread pertaining to the cue or item being sold through Markus' service.

He is not an extension of AZB nor is the service he offers.

These are matters to be conducted in private.
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