Every cue for sale!


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It seems that almost always every cue for sale "shoots the lights out" and hits amazing.
I'm just wondering when a bad cue goes up if it still shoots the lights out lol


Absolutely love this cue.
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Well the cues I have for sale have never shot the lights out.

I DID break hard as !@#$ with one cue I sold a long time ago and the cueball popped right up before hitting the light. I ALMOST shot a light out.

I'm glad I didn't. The place would have probably kicked me out...

I bet my Tibbitts could shoot a light or two out. It's a tree trunk after all.


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I think it's time people start putting disclaimers in sale threads.

Shoots lights out! (if you use light bulbs instead of cue balls)
Monster player/Hits a ton! (just sayin' cause it sounds cool)
Only test-hit on a few racks (played with it for a few months and didn't really like it)
Slight taper roll (cue is bent)
Best cue I have ever hit with! (I'm either lying, totally desperate for cash, or a complete idiot)


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"Amazing feel, well balanced and superbly built"- my wife said I have to sell it.


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While I think the post had humor as it primary motive, I have sold many cues that didn't play "lights out".

The strangest one was an Omega/dpk. I got the cue and it was absolutely beautiful, the shafts were full 13mm, with the original taper. I couldn't make a ball with it. The taper on the shafts was so different than anything I ever played with. To this day, that cue was head scratcher. I sold it and explained the taper difference on cue.

The guy I sold it to loved the cue. So different strokes for different folks.

I have never had someone explain the difference in taper in Omega/dpk and Southwest shafts. I thought the taper was both from Kesenbrock.



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I have sold quite a few cues over many years, can honestly say, in general, I liked the way most of them played. Most all of the cues I have sold were just to make room for one I liked better aesthetically as taste sometimes changes in time etc... And aesthetics is all in ones personal opinion obviously. But never been one to use such words when selling though (lights out etc..). I usually just describe a cue as a great playing cue, or a good playing cue etc...


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If "Monster" is in the thread title I usually pass on by....

Skins---------- thinks monsters belong on Creature Features


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The only cue I ever saw that shot lights out was any cue in Japser, GA Speedy's hands. The cue ball would often jump straight up into the over hanging light when he broke the balls. The cue ball almost always jumped straight up at least a foot after he smacked the one ball.
I wonder what ever happened to Speedy. I have not seen him in over 20 years.