***********f/s: Paul mottey hoppe style '08**********

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Hello Guys,

I have decided finally that i have to let go my first every custom cue that I order from Paul. This cue is sitting in my case and I haven't use it for a while. I used to play with this cue it has only one small ding on the buttsleeve but not really noticeable.......it's a great cue but I just don't have time to play anymore...I would rather have this cue for someone that appreciate the playability of this cue. I am just asking for $OLD!!!!!!!shipped ..international buyer will add shipping cost........no trade please :)

Skip is not included :thumbup:


Forearms: 4 points 5 veneers
Wrap: Genuine Lizard wrap
Joint: SS 5/16x14 with silver ring
Weight 19.4 oz
29' oz shaft 4.01 oz 13mm ivory ferrule
30' oz shaft 4.01 oz 12.65 ivory ferrue
Hoppe style with 4 ivory diamond
Pictures says it all




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