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  • all you have to do to play with 20 different Gus's and Barry's is come to Vegas. thats it ask Poohkiller he came from the other side of the globe to do that-so you can to!

    do you make the rolex avitars? or did you find them somewhere-i'd like to share them with some of my "watch" friends
    Are those gigantic watches or super teeny tiny women in your avatar pics??
    email me exactly what watches you want, and i will see that the current market prices are on them are/ is pre-owned ok? i will makes sure box and matching papers are included, that adds about $100-$200 on newer pre-owned watches. On vintage pieces box and papers can be alot more $$$. I havent been the watch market for a couple years but I am still in contact with alot of friends who are, here and Europe.

    Email me at

    And tell me what you want/dont want.

    I do know one thing for sure is the YG yellow gold Rolex took the biggest hit % wise in price, I saw a YG Blue dial Sub for $9,000. It lists for something like $26,500.
    Heya Jun! Looking forward to showing you the cue at Valley Forge next year. =o]
    My avatar is the legendary Willie Nelson...I understand why you don't know him, I don't think many Canadians listen to hillbilly music....:D

    Give him a try..."On the Road Again" and "Always on my Mind" are two of his greatest songs.

    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to The Beginner again." Doh! Heya buddy.. just stopped in to say hello.
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