Finishing a cue.. What steps are best?


I've been slowly working in my "cue building" hobby and have been messing around at home..
I took a old bar stick, cut it in half, installed a pin, and it rolls smooth and true..

I'm wanting to go through the steps / motions of "finishing" the cue as if I started from dowels/squares..

What do I apply first? Wood sealer? Epoxy? Then clear coat it?

As far as epoxy goes which one do you use / have you used?

I've heard / read that west system is he best and max1618 is very close to it for a fraction of the price.. Also has anyone tried this: EPOXY RESIN CRYSTAL CLEAR 1 Gallon Kit. FOR SUPER GLOSS COATING AND TABLETOPS (found it on Amazon)?

As far as the clear coat, I have a HVLP Turbine Gun and a 25gallon compressor/tank, which one have you used and which one do you prefer?? Is there any measurement system out there for how much to use / how to "thin" it?

One day I hope to be able to make some beautiful cues like some of you professionals on here..

Thanks in advance,


Kim Walker
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On new wood the epoxy works best first. On a used cue you need to make sure that there is no wax or anything else on it......... wipe it down with denatuured alcohol then sand it smooth.

The 1618 is great as is the West system. Stay away from the table top stuff... it tends to be softer.

Sand the epoxy smooth and then put on the clear coat of your choice.........



Thanks Joey!! Maybe next time I'll utilize the search button :p

Thanks Kim!!

I'll try not to pester every one on here..

Thanks Again!