First shot 9ball


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Anybody else notice, shoot this a lot?? ....

Maybe it's just me..but it seems that often in selecting the opening shot after the break, a 2rail safe becomes available.

Often the 1 heads uptable, and lands on/near short rail, a diamond or more from corner. Generally, balls remain at the foot end above the corners.

The pattern appears regularly.

The 2railer out of a corner often comes off a half ball hit to the 1/next ball on/near the rail, sending cb 2 rails toward the diagonal corner, under blockers(3,9,8). Even better if there is a 'stopper' ball adjacent to the target ob, to restrict/control its travel.

Fun and effective shot, that comes up a lot, and even I have some luck with it.(careful of scratch:eek:)

Anybody have other other favorite repeating opening patterns?

...don't know why blurry balls are blurry

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I see this occasionally in my game when breaking from the r side and yes, indeed, a potential 2-3 rail safe is avail as you showed.

If I'm getting this 1b on the head rail after breaking I either try to take a little off the break speed so the 1b doesn't travel so far up table *or* I go get my magic rack so I can make the 1 in the side almost every time. :D

that safety is a great option. :thumbup:

brian kc