First tournament winnings


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Congrats! The first tournament win is always exciting.

For me, I actually still remember one of the bad beats even more than some of the wins. Up by 8 points going into the last game to get into the money in a tournament, and my opponent makes an 8-ball break (9 points) to beat me by one point. :angry:


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Hahaha that's the truth......all in all I probably only pocketed a couple dollars due to 2 beers $10 entry and quarters because it was pay per rack but like I said the feeling of actually making it to the finals and winning some cash doing something I love is priceless and you right it's definitely sucked me in because I'm craving for next Wednesday to go at it again!!!!!!!!

For every hi, there is a low!

I won a $2k first place tourney like 2.5 yr ago and LITERALLY, have not won a match since then.

Pretty sure I am mad at pool.


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Thanks for all the support guys....this is literally my first success in a competitive local tournament and it sure feels amazing. I hate to think getting the new cue is what helped me but I sure had a lot more confidence that night than I have ever had in a tournament.