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2012 Jensen wrapless to trade

2012 Jensen wrapless with a curly maple handle and I believe it is bacote in the forearm and butt. This cue is an excellent player as most of Mike's cues are, I just can't get use to a wrapless cue.
3/8x10 pin
Shaft 1: Jensen with matching ring work 3.8oz. 12.54MM
Shaft 2: McDermott with black collar 3.6oz. 12.90MM
Butt: 15.4oz.

Would like to trade up for a Murrell, Gilbert, It's George or Barnhart cue, or possibly a Lomax J/B cue. Also, would be interested in trading for a 2x4 or 3x5 case. PM me with any trade offers.


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