FS: Frey Sneaky & George black ostrich case


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I am selling a cocobolo into birdseye maple Bob Frey sneaky pete.

The shaft was made by Tom Migliore of TNS cues and recently tuned up (with new tip added) by Dave Barenbrugge. The cue plays well and is in good condition. There are a few finish dings on the edge of the buttcap and one small blemish in the finish in the butt section.

The cue is approx. 19oz. and I believe the shaft to be about 12.75 mms.

The case is a black ostrich 1x2 Brunswick by George case. It is in decent condition.

(Pictures show cue without the bumper but I DO have the bumper. It simply screws in.)

I am selling the pair together for $300 or best offer. If there is any interest, please PM me.



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Just a few more pics. Thanks for looking.


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