Full Tilt Poker money returned by DOJ


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Well, it's not an opinion that Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet (The two largest on-line poker sites) were fixed games designed to rip off the players for the profit of criminals. And rip them off they did.

What makes you believe that new poker sites will be any different? :confused:

Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet were NOT the 2 biggest poker sites. From 2001-2005 while in college, all I did was play online poker and lived like a rock star. Party Poker and Poker Stars were the 2 biggest by far. I did very well on all of them though. Tilt, UB, 888 (which had like 40 different skins), ClubDice, Americas Cardroom, Paradise Poker (the original big one), BoDog, etc, Etc

There were so many horrible players that it didn't matter if a few sites had super user accounts. It was basically free money.