Funny pic/gif thread...

Chili Palmer

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Oh shit, that's right up my alley.



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Now THAT'S person with a great mentality. On another forum I belong to one of the guys lost a leg in a motorcycle accident and when he was done with all the surgeries he got a tattoo on the other leg that said "One foot in the ground" :)
Saw a biker, sans one arm with a tattoo --------------- and right above said "cut on dotted line".


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My cousin was a world class moguls, missed the Olympics, but not by much. My uncle would take his family helicopter skiing all over the place. I've seen some pretty cool pictures of them. It was the 80's so no social media.
coincidence, my sister was a world-class professional mogul skier back in the day, also missed the olympics by falling during trials....... this is her...