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Smorg is giving St Peter the 7!
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Reminds me of something I did years ago. I had gotten pretty seriously into horses and somebody suggested I needed one of the little black jockey hitching posts. I replied sarcastically, "that's all I need." The sarcasm was missed and they bought one, hauled it halfway across the country, and repainted it several times until they felt it was perfect. I wasn't real likely to display it since my best friend who lived next door was black as were a handful of other friends that might visit. After a few years I returned it to the person who had given it to me. They asked that I be discrete. I loaded it on my twenty foot flat trailer with dovetail, it alone proudly strapped upright facing front! Just the little jockey about three feet tall, nothing else. Sometimes you gotta make your own fun!



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Silver Member we go, since we got sort of musical. Toni Basil's #1 (Brit) hit...wearing her 1961 Head Cheerleader outfit from Las Vegas High.
Now..the kicker. When she made this video, she was 39 years old. A dancer, really. Did the choreography directing for the movie "footloose".
She's 78 today...



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A thought I had this morning:

A giant fart is probably one of the most satisfying bodily functions known to man.
It's amazing relief to feel the pressure releasing from a bloated bowel without having the inconvenience of having to wipe.... most of the time.