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  • Hello, I'm looking (2 years now) to move back to San Diego area I'm not a gambler I enjoy tournaments. Do you have any recommendations for 9 foot or bar table tournaments in San Diego county area or even a little north?

    Thank you
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's a good one!
    It's unfortunate that I can't label PJ for the douche that his openly without the threat of banning myself. But that's okay, he tells people himself with his every post, and I don't need to stoop to his level. "I don't think you understood my post". I don't think HE understood his post any more than he does the need for the 2nd Amendment.
    None the less, many Mahalo's for your sacrifice and commitment to our country. Good luck in the Raffle and good shootin. Stay in touch Bruda. Carl
    Thanks, brother... There's nothing worse than an ego-maniac spouting off about something that anyone can do... I met that guy Glen once... Total douche bag..

    I have David Danziger's #, and he is every bit as good as Glen, and way better with damaged slates..
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