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This should end the debate of which is the tougher game -- golf or pool? (Assuming Twitter will let you see it....)

The 16th at Augusta National. A traditional part of the practice round is for the players to skip the ball across the pond. I imagine a bit of cash changes hands along the way too.

I was there for practice round many years ago when Tom Lehman and his group came up to the 16th tee. After hitting their practice shots, they all moved to the front of the tee box to skip a few balls over the pond.

Standing next to me with a father with his 10-year-old son. When they had finished skipping, Lehman turned around, walked over, lifted the boy over the barrier and took him to the front of the tee box. He handed him a club, dropped three balls on the ground, and told the kid to go for it.

Lehman’s caddy grabbed the dad’s camera and started taking pictures of the whole thing. Not surprisingly, the kid promptly sculled all three balls into the drink.

Lehman lifted him back over the barrier, handed him a signed ball, and his group proceeded on with their practice round. The kid‘s dad was absolutely stunned, probably even more excited than his son was. I’m sure it was years before the kid even understood how big of a deal that was.

One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on the golf course, and I always liked Tom Lehman afterwards because of that.