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Smorg is giving St Peter the 7!
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Two businessmen meet in Hawaii. They are both spending a month there on vacation with their families. The first one couldn't resist bragging a little. "I got $250,000 from fire insurance!"

The second one told him, "Not bad but I got $750,000 from flood insurance."

The first one was quiet a minute or two digesting this. Then, "How do you set a flood?"

Back in the times when FEMA was more tolerant a friend of mine bought a house as an investment. It wasn't far from a little river and it flooded every two or three years like clockwork when the little river became a big river. Each time FEMA gave the owner $40,000. Walter held the house eight years, danged thing never flooded. He finally sold it at a loss. The next year it flooded twice and burned down! The new owner netted over $150,000 back when that wasn't bad change.