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I don’t know what speed you play you play….but Blomdahl has beaten Efren in a 9-ball exhibition match…and he has run some 100s at snooker.
In the post below are several videos of Blomdahl playing Efren in 9 ball and 3 cushion over the course of 15 years for those who may be interested. You are right in that he definitely isn't completely helpless playing a little pool.
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And I'll add that Mr. Blomdahl is an amazing verbal host for billiard videos.

I guess it is largely due to the 'simplicity' of 3 cushion, but he almost always knows the shot when he sees a layout and he drops wisdom re the subtleties (speed, stroke type, where the kiss will be, whether a long or short attack path is best...), in about 8 languages!

Together with BvM the move to better billiards is afoot: why do mid level players miss? Most often due to choosing the wrong shot and not because of striking shortcomings.


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