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Lion or the Lamb
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Picking up a Gary Johnson player cue today. A friend needs the money and I was willing to buy the cue to help him out. All I know is that Gary Johnson is from north arkansas and he has been making cues for several years at least. I have been told alot of guys north of Little Rock and in south Missouri have been shooting with his cues. I will post pics later today and give a review of the cue.


Lion or the Lamb
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Just picked up this gary johnson player for 200! I really like the way the cue hits. Its a new player in the collection!


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Don't know the maker nor his cues. But sure looks nice. Sounds like quite a deal!

Greetings from Switzerland, David.

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Rusty Shackleford
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Wow. I'm just a bit over an hour away from Gary, but I had never heard of him. He has a few nice cues on his gallery's website.

I might have to give him a call.

Anyone else know about this guy?


Lion or the Lamb
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Muchas Gracias

Appreciate all the comments on the Gary Johnson cue. I paid 200 for it from my friend. Not sure what gary johnson charges for his cues. I know several have sold in the Little Rock area for 300 to 350 but much more inlays and design on the few i saw. The cue plays great! I would also reccomend Mark Smith, Bill Webb, Joe Childs or Ron Haley. Perry Weston was another great cuemaker out of Arkansas but he passed recently. Any of the cuemakers above make a fine cue!