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We are streaming live now. We are having some connectivity issues but aare trying to fight through and bring this great tournament to everybody. 100 players showed up to make this a record breaking event on the GSBT.

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The GSBT and Janet Atwell-Borderline Billiards in Bristol,TN are hosting the Borderline Amateur 9-ball tournament this weekend. Come out to this top-notch room and sweat the action if you are in the area. If not, jump on the LIVE stream and watch! We will be streaming well into the night. The tourney brought 100 players from SC, NC, TN, OH, VA, W.VA, & FL. This is an awesome event!!!


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I will try to figure out for you bud. We have been fighting connectivity issues for a while, i thik we may have finally got it worked out (fingers crossed).

Thanks man! Good luck with the stream, tell Marge and Shannon I love them and miss them:D.


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Day 2, Borderline Billiards Amateur 9-ball

Good morning to all!! We are back in action today! We started with 100 players and we are down 32 on the winners side and 32 on the one loss side. It is going to be a long day/night but we are having an awesome time here in Bristol, TN. I will post some pics of the room later on. If you are ever in the area, stop in and see this room and play a few games it is a very player friendly room.

LIVE action on the stream now is Alex Olinger vs Keith Jones. Race to 9. The format is handicapped races, alternate the break, TX express rules.

Watch it LIVE here:

Brackets are available here: