GTF Replica 2x4 cue case For Sale


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For sale is a like-new condition Black Lizard print 2 by 4 GTF replica cue case. This case is PRISTINE. You could not tell this case from new. There are NO dents, marks, scratches. Not a hint of chalk dust. I don't think this case has ever even seen a cue!

GTF says about their replica cases: The highest quality Extrusion Built Tube Case Collection Engineered for G.T.F. The ultimate super lightweight case construction, the first fully and completely lined interior case with moisture resistant fabric and built so that no parts of your cues will ever have direct contact with any other part of the cue. No other extrusion built cue case offers the fit and security in a small precise tailored space. Put your case up against the G.T.F. Challenge and find out for yourself.

And .... Extrusion Molded Tube Cases -- Air Tight and Sealed -- For the Best Precision Fit Cue Protection and Security

These cases sell for over $500.00. Check them out at:

The first two photo are photos that I took that are not too descriptive, so I've included some stock photos of the GTF replica case.

Asking $350.00 OBO.

I also have a nice HR Hard Shell case, GREAT for travelling, for sale on AZ:


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Need to borrow some money to buy this case?

Borrow money from pessimists they don't expect it back.


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