Guess who's getting married?


Kenny Wilson
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:kiss:Mr. Shannon Daulton asked his wonderful girlfriend Marge to be his 1 and only 4-ever..... I just wanted to start a thread congratulating them on their brand new commitment.
I get 2nd dance with the new bride...=))
WAY TO GO SD!! :woot::woot::woot::woot:


recreational banger
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Cool! Best wishes to the happy couple...I wonder, Tony Stewart as best man?

Ktown D

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Yeah, I heard she got a sweeeet ring out of him. :smile:

D<--heard it thru the grapevine, sorry dog hasn't called me in a week.

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damn Shannon, say it aint so brother. I thought you were smarter than that. I mean, congrats! :grin:

Ky Boy

AzB Silver Member
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Who's doing the video taping??? Accu-Stats??? :grin:

Congrats to them both!!



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You really didn't have to wait until the Playboy cover you know:


I am happy for both of you -- this is great news!



the dude abides...
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Live streaming will be an in house production by the Basha...Color commentary by Grady Matthews.

(BTW, you heard right Ktown, REAL nice ring.)

Sweet Marissa
I got Marge's sms that night and am so, so happy for her and Shannon! He is one lucky guy to have a beautiful woman that loves him and supports pool!