Hardships of Professional Pool as a Career


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I think at this point their posting style is irrelevant. The views they have had on Facebook and YouTube are unimportant.

What is important are the paid views of the live broadcasts on DAZN and other PPV streaming platforms, if any, and the views through commercial live channels like Sky Sports. I'm pretty certain that the real money is generated there.

I'm positive you're right about the content sales to the various platforms. Barry Hearn mentioned that in the article in Billiard Digest August of 2021.

He said that content sales weren't bringing the same price that it had. I would guess that has to do with the availability but Matchroom has the title events. No one else does. The platforms have their own sponsors for their benefit. It the price for content is dropping commercialization becomes a better answer.

At the core a sponsor has to be willing to pay something for the clicks, views and direct marketing to the demographic meaning that the clicks have to be controlled to benefit the sponsor or a consortium of sponsors. All clicks with sponsor related prescence can be counted.

Even if the deal went through, a value in clicks and impressions won't mean much, if the demographic doesn't raise the needle for the sponsor because a lot of money will be spent that may could be better used elsewhere. A reorganization of websites, social media and direct marketing techniques would have to be orchestrated and then the needle needs to move.

Great care needs to be taken that the sponsor has something that Pool Players can get behind to make it work long term. It's a complicated soup but with the sponsors presence on the social media, websites and direct marketing on a worldscale it could work out grandly as long as the continued support from the fans is there.

All things considered with the risk involved Pool is doing pretty well. If it were me making the decisions I would wade in slowly if this is what they have in mind. I spent the last year looking at this and I know how I would do it, but I'm just a guy and Matchroom has 30 tournaments on their ranking list. If anyone has any doubt that they are in charge of Pool just look at the list.
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These thoughts come to mind; how do they dress?, how do they behave on and off the table?
I haven't heard of any real behavior issues recently and haven't seen any recent pro stream where the players weren't dressed well enough to be mistaken for a pga on Sunday.
Do you have any examples of behavior or dress problems?